rob|arch 2012

One of eight simultaneously run workshops investigating various types of robotic fabrication during the Rob|Arch 2012 conference - Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design. The Rotterdam workshop aimed at building a concrete pavilion using large scale hot-wired foam formwork elements as well as diamondwire cutting. Formal language, structural systems, state-of-the-art concrete and production methods were all part of the workshop program.



Jelle Feringa, Wes McGee

bureaubakker: Siebe Bakker
Cementbouw: Henk ten Hulscher
Cement&BetonCentrum: Hans Köhne
Delft University of Technology - Hyperbody: Frank van Brunschot, Maria Vera van Emden Andres, Jelle Feringa, Chris Kievid
Pieters Bouwtechniek: Rogier van Nalta

Robotlab, Roterdam

Delft University of Technology - Hyperbody: Jelle Feringa, Kas Oosterhuis
University of Michigan -Taubman College: Wes McGee