Material Research + Fabrication 02

An 8-week research and design studio for students of the University of Kentucky - College of Design in Delft, the Netherlands. The 5th Concrete Design Competition theme of ENERGY functioned as the basis for this material research project in which students investigated properties and potential of the material concrete in relation to a wide variety of notions on energy. This study abroad program naturally included site visits in the Netherlands and Europe as well as a graphic design workshop and a workshop at the laboratory of G.tecz, Kassel.


initiative, concept, coordination & management, instructing

Joseph Cavallo, Seth Davis, Drew McGurk, Taisa Sehic, Jacob Tompkins, Juliann Tompkins

Siebe Bakker, Ad van der Kouwe, Gregor Zimmermann

critics & experts
Ifke Brunings, Patricia Hessing, Caroline Kruit, Jasper Westebring

Ateliers: Ifke Brunings, Patricia Hessing
Delft University of Technology - Faculty of Architecture: Henri van Bennekom
G.tecz: Gregor Zimmermann
Manifesta: Ad van der Kouwe
University of Kentucky - College of Design: Michael Speaks

University of Kentucky - College of Design: Michael Speaks