bureaubakker operates as catalyst, strategist and 'devil's advocate' between industries, knowledge institutes, creative practices, governments and the public.

development of collaborative projects

production of specific formats fine-tuned to project ambitions, needs and collaborating stakeholders

organization and curating of processes, networks, content, and aims

workshops, brainstorm sessions, studios and conferences

interviews, lectures, videos, 'newspapers' and books

We produce cross-disciplinary exchanges that are based on collaborative knowledge and aimed at developing expertise in creative processes, strategies, and communication, as well as in developing innovative products. We are involved from initiative and concept development to publications, including project and research management, communication, tutoring and moderating.


We are convinced that exchange and creation of knowledge form the key factors in developing new ideas and goals that are embedded in a more and more complex reality of expertise and ambitions. Furthermore close collaboration with 'other' disciplines is crucial in understanding and developing one's own expertise. Our 'exchanges' are focused on pragmatic creative processes and are based on innovative design approaches, strategic scenario techniques, cross-cultural collaborations and decision-making methods.


Firmly based on a (architecural) design and didactical background we facilitate research for development programs ranging from brainstorm sessions to international competitions. Essential to all 'exchanges' is the production of specific formats that are based on associative generation of knowledge and exploitation of individual fascinations.

Depending on the ambitions and expertise of our clients we offer project support starting from generating concepts and formats to full project or research management and coordination, marketing strategies, supervision and publications on results and ambitions. For each initiative a well-balanced team of professional experts and critics is assembled. The organizational staff adapts to changing needs throughout the range of our exchanges.


bureaubakker finds its strength in maximizing its flexibility and expertise through a diversity of collaborations with long term clients, specialized companies and individuals. We are specialized in bringing together various parties in challenging settings. Thus generating conditions for the development of innovative - result driven - processes and deliverables. Conditions that offer critical confrontations, often unveiling strikingly distinct but analog methods and techniques. This may involve representatives from various parties within one industry, exchanges between the academic and commercial realms or confrontations between fairly different disciplines with similar ambitions, methodologies or problematics. Our involvement enhances the ability to release expertise and deploy design intelligence.