The aim of this research initiative is to develop a concrete that has thermal insulating capacities that meet upcoming building standards, is light-weight and has structural properties enabling load bearing facade systems for structures up to five floors height. It is a collaborative research project that includes architects, structural engineers, material and element producers and scientists.

2013 - 2016

strategy, consultancy, communication, publication


2015 / Dutch

Intermediate results from the 'Warmbeton' research project with Concrete industry, architects, structural engineers, University research groups & various experts.

conversations, film & editing:
Siebe Bakker

Matthias Bauer on Thermally Insulating Concrete

2013 / English

Siebe Bakker in conversation with Matthias Bauer on Thermally Insulating Concrete.
Matthias Bauer is the architect of Haus H36 in Stuttgart. It's one of the first examples in which not only the thermal capacity of the material is deployed, but in which the aesthetic qualities of working with a monolithic structure is explored as well.

conversation, film & editing
Siebe Bakker

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