lighthouse projects 2017

4TU Bouw ‘Lighthouse Projects’ aims at promoting and starting up imaginative research projects that are related to a current and urgent theme. The ‘imaginative’ nature of the research as well as the delivery of tangible results within a timeframe of one year distinguishes Lighthouse Projects from other funding schemes.

2017 - 2018

concept & strategy, coordination & management, communication & publication

3D Concrete Printing for Structural Applications
Eindhoven University of Technology
ir. Qinyu Wang, prof.Dr.-Ing. Patrick Teuffel
Delft University of Technology
Claudia Romero Rodriguez MSc, Stefan Chaves MSc

Adaptive Joints with Variable Stiffness
Technical University Delft
ir. Nadia Remmerswaal, Dr.-Ing. Marcel Bilow
Eindhoven University of Technology
Dr.-Ing Henriette Bier, Arwin Hidding
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, IMAC)
dr. Gennaro Senatore

University of Twente
dr. Léon olde Scholtenhuis, dr. Farid Vahdatikhaki
Delft University of Technology
prof.dr. Sisi Zlatanova
Eindhoven University of Technology
prof.dr. Jakob Beetz, dr. Pieter Pauwels
Gemeente Rotterdam - Kabels en Leidingenbureau
SOMA College Harderwijk
Beroepsvereniging Het Zwarte Corps

Geocon Bridge
Delft University of Technology
dr. Guang Ye, Mladena Lukovic, Bahman Ghiassi, Zainab Aldin MSc., Silke Priasse MSc., Hohn Liu, Matija Nedeljkovic MSc., Dick Hordijk, ir. Paul Lagendijk, Albert Bosman, Ton Blom, Maino van Leeuwen, Zhekang Huang, Ulrik Celada, Chengcheng Du, John van den B erg, Arjan Thijssen
Eindhoven University of Technology Simon Wijte

Happy Senior Living
Eindhoven University of Technology
dr. Ioulia Ossokina, prof.dr. Theo Arentze
Delft University of Technology Dick van Gameren, Dirk van den Heuvel

Re3 Glass
Delft University of Technology
ir. Telesilla Bristogianni, ir. Faidra Oikonomopoulou, ir. Lida Barou, Fred Veer, Rob Nijsse, ir. Erwin Jacobs, Giulia Frigo
University of Twente
dr. Elma Durmisevic, ir. Pieter Beurskens
Southern Illinois University, School of Art and Design
prof. Jiyong Lee, Katherine Rutecki

Reprinting Architectural Heritage
Delft University of Technology Carola Hein, dr. Michela Turrin, Joris Dik, John Hanna, Miktha Alkadri, Serdar Asut, prof.Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack, Peter Koorstra
Eindhoven University of Technology Juliette Bekkering, ir. Barbara Kuit
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
Albert Reinstra
National Archives
Angela Dellebeke
3D idea printing
Dave Vanhove
Dick Vlasblom
Foundation for Old Groningen Churches
Jur Bekooy
Ron Teeuw
Valentin Vanhecke
3M Netherlands
Wim Oostveen

Delft University of Technology
Tommaso Venturi, dr. Michela Turrin MSc Arch, Foteini Setaki MSc Arch, Fred Veer
Eindhoven University of Technology
ir. Arno Pronk, prof.Dr.-Ing. Patrick Teuffel, Yaron Moonen, Stefan Slangen, Rens Vorstermans

4TU.Bouw 2017

2018 / English, Dutch

Results from seven 4TU.Bouw Lighthouse Projects, PDEng projects and all 4TU.Bouw initiatives in 2017.

Siebe Bakker

graphic design:
Siebe Bakker






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Research to Reality – 4TU.Bouw 2014 - 2017

2018 / English, Dutch

Presenting an overview of the four-year period from 2014 to 2017 of 4TU.Bouw. Around 350 researchers and students from the facultieds affiliated with 4TU.Bouw, worked with at least 300 experts from other facultiesd, industries, market parties and governments on a range of collaborative research projects, match-making events, and investigative workshops and conferences. Four years of 4TU.Bouw, led by Scientific Director Ulrich Knaack

Siebe Bakker

graphic design:
Siebe Bakker & Soscha Monteiro




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