Work Conferences de Bouwcampus

In four session de Bouwcampus developed strategic positions on current and urgent topics in a collaborativce setting with designers, policy makers, developers and producers. The themes of 'climate adaptive building', 'energy', 'circular building', and 'craftmanship' where explored in brainstrom sessions, driven by presentations by experts.


concept, coordination & management, moderation

Tom van Eck, Tim van Hattum, Maarten Hoorn, Wilrik Kok, Hans Korbee, Edwin Lokkerbol, Paul Mbikayi, Claudia Reiner, Micha Rots, Marcel de Ruiter, Judith Schueler, Rutger Sypkens, Martine de Vaan

Siebe Bakker

De Bouwcampus
Majorie Jans, Anneke Witte