A 'pitch-session' confernce was organised to explore the future of digitalisation for various disciplines within the (design) built environment industry, from teaching / learning, to research, spatial design and building practice. Particapants from academic and industrial research, design and engineering offices and software developers presented and debated on improved productivity through digitalisation versus game-changing qualities of work.


strategy,  moderation

Matthé van Baalen, Giovanni Betti, Leonie van der Beuken, Paul Chan, Eric Geboers, Johan Hanegraaf, Carola Hein, Janneke Kamstra, Mortiz Mungenast, Bao An Nguynen Phoc, Rudi Roijakkers, Sevil Sariyildiz, Marcus Specht, Martijn Stellingwerff, Jantien Stoter, Pieter Stoutjesdijk, Niels van der Vaart & Kean Walmsley

Siebe Bakker