bureaubakker operates as curator for 3TU.Bouw. This organization aims at intensifying the collaboration between the four faculties concerned with the builtenvironment of the three technical universities in the Netherlands. As member of the management team the strategy is set. As curator collaborative and apllied research projects are initiated, monitored and facilitated. 3TU.Bouw supports with grants and facilitates through workshops, expert consultancy (infographics) and coordination. The results are curated to communicate to a larger audience through a yearly 'newspaper', presence at professional fairs and video interviews.

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concept, strategy, consultancy, communication

3tu.bouw 2016

2016 / English, Dutch

Results from seven 3TU.Bouw Lighthouse Projects, 5 PDEng projects and all 3TU.Bouw initiatives in 2015.

editor & graphic design:
Siebe Bakker & Mariet Sauerwein






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3tu.bouw 2015 - spring

2015 / English, Dutch

Results from eight 3TU.Bouw Lighthouse Projects and PDEng projects

editor & graphic design:
Siebe Bakker & Anna Karina Janssen

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