To The Bone

The 'To the Bone' project run by Jan Schevers investigated the core of architecture, developing formal language, material use and structural systems to unveil the bare essentials of architecture. The studio adopted the 4th Concrete Design Competition as part of their program. The atelier facilitated a first glimpse at actual working with concrete, discovering potential uses of the material.


concept, coordination & management, tutoring

Jeroen van Aerle, Iggie Dekkers, Jeroen Donkers, Beerd Gieteling, Jeroen Groenen, Sven van der Heiden, Michiel Jobse, Bjorn Kasandikromo, Merian Koekkoek, Kristine Koning, Arnoud Reinke, Nathaniël Rijsmus, Philippe Rol, Mirjam Roth, Bram Seijsener, Marieke Sijm, Mathijs Storms, Rob Verhaegh

Siebe Bakker, Jan Schevers

critic & expert
Fred Gladdines

Cement&BetonCentrum - Hans Köhne

Eindhoven University of Technoloy - Jan Schevers