plausible futures for the south wing area: identity & spatial development

SOUTHWING 2040 is a scenario planning studio in which product design students from Art Centre in Los Angeles investigated the ambitions and potential of the Dutch Southwing area. As part of a two year long in depth research by Atelier Zuidvleugel this studio added insights into how plausible identities could be developed to enhance the position on the Southwing area in the Netherlands and Europe.


initiative, concept, coordination & management, tutoring

Ann Tao, Annie Gonzalez, Elyse Marks, Ilona Shumsky, Justin Cram, Kahren Kim, Kirakarn Churnakoses, Matthew Mink, Meirav Shitrit, Melissa Catellano, Navneet Gill, Shawn Zingelewicz, Tai-Shan Chou, Yusuke Yokoyama

Siebe Bakker, Gerardo Herrera, Sherry Hoffman, Michael Speaks, Ellen Weerman

Heather Flood, Tali Krakowsky, Sarah Lorenzen, Henk Ovink, Stephanie Smith

Atelier South Wing - Nadia Casabella, Paul Gerretsen
Art Centre Los Angeles
DS+V Rotterdam - Joep van Buiten
Hoeve Biesland - jan Duijndam
KABK Den Haag
Stroom Den Haag - Arno van Roosmalen

Siebe Bakker, Paul Gerretsen, Michael Speaks

SOUTHWING 2040 has been made possible through contributions by Atelier Zuidvleugel