The tenth edition of the Concrete Design Competition hosted the theme 'REIMAGINE'. It ran in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland. Coordinating country Gemrany was coordinating country for the workshop for Laureates, held in Kassel in August 2020. The worlshop was hosted by G.tecz Engineering. They offered their full laboratory, equipment and experts to assist the participants using state-of-the-art technologies as 3D concrete printing, vacuum forming concrete, shotcrete, 3 mm thin concrete sheets, and much more.

2021 - 2022

concept, format, coordination & management, tutoring, communication

2022 / English

Documenting the Concrete Design Master Class on REIMAGINE. Kassel, August 2022.

Johannes Kastner, Mex van de Kerkhof, Ya Shu & Quirine van Thiel
Siebe Bakker & Fatih Cebeci

Tenth Concrete Design Competition on REIMAGINE

Concrete is the world’s most used construction material. Due to its relatively easy handling, its ability to be shaped in almost any form, its forgivingness in terms of material inconsistencies, its excellent strength and durability; concrete is used everywhere and for a vast array of different purposes. These benefits, combined with the availability and affordability of its raw materials, have led to perceptions and practices that focus on the volume rather than the value of concrete. To engineer and develop optimal long-lasting concrete structures, with as few resources as possible, seems to be far more challenging than just relying on traditional approaches. 


Current global challenges force all of us to rethink the ways we use and use up our surroundings. Preserving raw materials, saving energy, pressures on economical viable space, lead us to rethink our habits. We must challenge the traditional in order to built smarter. We must deploy the properties of concrete differently to meet our needs and challenges. 


In other words, we should imaginatively reinterpret concrete as a material for constructing elements, buildings, and structures by tapping into its existing benefits from a different perspective. Our ambition must be to push beyond the easy abundance of concrete and give the world durable structures, that are more inspiring, more considered, with less raw materials, more reusable elements, clever methods for using/re-using/not using formwork; while delivering extended energy efficiency, comfort and performance. We need to focus on the value rather than the volume of concrete.


The circularity of concrete can deliver significant ‘value’. The most effective circular strategy in the built environment is to keep reusing the structure. Ownership and occupation may change many times over without demolishing the built structure, thanks to the unsurpassed durability of concrete. And when a structure is demolished, it can provide secondary raw materials to produce new concrete. How we assemble our structures also needs to be rethought; durable concrete elements should find a new life in the next structure. Obviously for this to happen clever design is essential, looking beyond the current assignment at hand. A vision is needed that sees across generations to make design compatible with our changing needs. 

The 10th Concrete Design Competition on REIMAGINE asks students of architecture, design and engineering to explore and exploit the potential of concrete’s properties with respect to any notion of REIMAGINE. These can be related to inherent material properties, it’s production process, and to concrete’s application in new or existing structures. They may address aesthetic desires, structural systems or fabrication methods and comment on economic realities, sustainability demands or social issues.  

This competition does not prescribe a specific location or program; participants can choose a context of their own that supports their fascinations and ambitions and that fits an acute presentation of their ideas. Proposals may range from objects, furniture and architectural details to housing, landscape interventions, complex buildings, infrastructure and structural systems. Competition entries need to address technical and functional aspects as well as formal and programmatic ones – ideas need to be tested through design proposals to convincingly demonstrate their potential. They will be reviewed on the combination of inventiveness in addressing the competition’s theme and architectural implications.

 The 10th Concrete Design Competition – REIMAGINE runs in five European countries during the academic year 2021 - 2022. National laureates will be invited to participate in a weeklong international workshop facilitated by the industry’s expertise featuring renowned lecturers and critics, further exploring reimagining concrete.

Ahmad Ibrahim, An-Sofie Suffeleers, Bethany Michels, Bo Wang, Bodgan Stoicescu, Caro Geerts, Fatih Cebeci, Isabelle Borgers, JD Schumacher, Jelmer Eising, Joshua Weber, Klara Burgstaller, Kristina Mogiļevceva, Ksenija Onufrijeva, Linda Rainer, Lisa Schmidt, Louise Weston, Luca Brändle, Luisa Löhr, Nick Williams, Niels Geerits, Noah Knuckles, Pearse Gillan, Tom Willenbacher, Vlad-Gabriel Dobran, Xinyue Wu & Yinan Xiao

Siebe Bakker, Camille Gbaguidi & Gregor Zimmermann

Experts, critics and lecturers
Michelle Apholz, Sameer Bisetti, Diethelm Bossold, Wei Fing He, Fabio Ludwig, Tino Sablotny, Anca Timofticiuc & Adrien Verschuere

Sarah Krauß & the G.tecz Engineering team

Photography & video
Johannes Kastner, Mex van de Kerkhof, Quirine van Thiel & Ya Shu

The Concrete Design Master Class on REIMAGINE has been made possible through the support of:  Cement Manufacturers Ireland, FEBELCEM, InformationsZentrum Beton, Tektoniek University / Betonhuis|Cement & Zement + Beton Handels- u. Werbeges.m.b.H
G.Tecz Engineering