Real Additive Manufacturing 2016 - Prototype | Production

Seminar in which the 'reality factor' was investigated of 3D-printing technologies for the built environment industry. Scores of reserach projects currently developed new technologies, materials and products. All are cutting-edge and pioneering in character. To what extend are they prototypes for a far away future? And what is the potential for large scale implementation into the main production of buildings?


concept, coordination & management, moderation

Marcel Bilow - Delft University of Technology
Lennert van Cappeleveen - Ector Hoogstad Architecten
Jeroen Coenders - Delft University of Technology
Chris Borg Constanzi - Delft University of Technology
Ulrich Knaack - Delft University of Technology / Technical University Darmstadt
Paul de Ruiter - Delft University of Technology
Maria Valentina Sarakinioti - Delft University of Technology
Holger Strauss - Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG
Michela Turrin - Delft University of Technology
Dennis de Witte - Technical University Darmstadt
Aant van der Zee - Eindhoven University of Technology

Siebe Bakker

Siebe Bakker & Dennis de Witte