Fabrication Convoy

14 students and 2 tutors (Roger Hubeli & Julie Larsen) from Syracuse University School of Architecture, spend 3 weeks travelling and working in Europe, investigating 'state-of-the-art' fabrication techniques in concrete. Topics ranging from double curved panels and 3d-pronting of formwork to Ultra High Performances Concretes were explored through site- and factory visits as wella s through 'hands-on' workshops at Delft University of Technology and G.tecz.


concept & strategy, coordination & management, tutoring

Matthew Dinsmore, Erika Guldner, Ana Hernandez Derbez, Tabitha Hoag, Maggie Huang, Abhinav Jain, Laura Lioi, Hannah Pak, Fanyi Pan, Tiffany Pau, Karina Roberts, Trisha Tanti, Edouard Terzis & Domenica Velasco

Siebe Bakker, Roger Hubeli, Julie Larsen, Martijn Stellingwerff, Gregor Zimmermann

Delft University of Technology - Architecture: Geert Coumans, Peter Koorstra & Martijn Stellingwerff
G.tecz: Gregor Zimmermann
MBx: Pieter Nap
UNStudio: Filippo Lodi