plausible future products and facilities for chinese tourism in the netherlands

This research and design project, for students of the Design Academy Eindhoven, is based on the expected exploding growth of Chinese tourism in the Netherlands. What does the Dutch industry need and how can they, the local and regional governments and various institutions act in order to meet the Chinese ambitions and expectations?


concept, coordination & management, tutoring

Gero Asmuth, Michelle Baggerman, Tiddo Bakker, Steven Banken, Marijn Beije, Bart Bekker, Susan Christianen, Jens Dyvik, Joost Gehem, Niels Hoebers, Joep Huisinga, Ruben der Kinderen, Tom Loois, Florike Martens, Lotte de Raadt, Elma Roelvink, Roland Pieter Smit, Bram van Vijfeiken, Jetske Visser

Siebe Bakker

critics & experts
Dave van Eijnsbergen, Patricia Hessing, Arjan van Well