collaborative intelligence

Our continuously expanding network of experts and alliances is at the core of all our activities. Our exchanges are built around collaboration. Deploying each others knowledge and expertise, developing shared insights and innovations, and exchange of cultures are essential for a critical approach and development of one's own potential as well. We've learned that the potential strength of our network's collaborative knowledge easily exceeds the specific needs in any of our projects. A huge resource of intelligence remains unexploited.

bureaubakker aims at unlocking these resources while bridging the gap between our collaborators that have not actually worked together yet. Thus releasing the embedded and potential collaborative knowledge. All of our collaborators from a wide variety of disciplines are immersed within their respective expertise and share the ambition to collaborate, learn from each other and join knowledge.

bureaubakker provides a platform for those we collaborate with. To share fascinations, point out interesting research or results, ask support related to ones projects or form teams. We are convinced it will benefit individual developments and create bases for new exchanges.

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Anna Karina Janssen & Kim Degen 2015 >
UHPC Bunker Models

Gregor Zimmermann 2010 >
Material research driven initiatives on concrete

Ifke Brunings & Patricia Hessing 2008 >
Concrete Design Master Classes & Runway Events

Michael Speaks 2003 >
SCI-Arc Berlage, Rotterdam Airport Scenarios, South Wing 2040, UKNL & DS01

Henk Ovink 2001 - 2006
Ateliers, Concrete Branding & plastic-OPACITY

Marielle Aarts (Eindhoven University of Technology), Stan Aarts (architect - MKA architects), Omar Akbar (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation), Jacob Alkema, Philip Allin (Materia), Gert Anninga (architect - EN architecten), Ana Anton (Delft University of Technology), Myriam Aries (Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology), Jun Aoki (architect), Jef Apers (FEBELCEM), Allard Assies (architect - Claus en Kaan), Juan Azcarate-Aguerre (Delft University of Technology), Mari Baauw (architect - Royal Haskoning), Idske Bakker (musician - Insomnio), Erline Bakkers (product designer), Gijs Baks (architect - VMX architects), Colm Bannon (Irish Cement), Gary Bates (architect), Stephen Bates (architect - Sergison Bates architects), Matthias Bauer (architect, MBA/S), Caglan Becan (TCMA), Jean-François Bedard (architecture historian - Syracuse University), Wim de Beer (Betonindustrie de Veluwe), Jakob Beetz (Eindhoven University of Technology), Juliette Bekkering (architect, Bekkering Adams Architecten), Alex van de Beld (architect - Onix), Rudi Beld (Betonidustrie de Veluwe), Henri van Bennekom (architect, coordinator Delft University of Technology), Wim van den Bergh (architect, professor University Aachen), Ben van Berkel (architect, UNStudio), Kurt Bertels (Verheyen Beton), Stefan de Bever (architect - De Bever Architecten), Henriette Bier (architect - Delft University of Technology), Marcel Bilow (Delft University of Technology), Ines van Binsbergen (architect - DP6 Architectuurstudio), Lucine Blankert (architect), Rijk Blok (Eindhoven University of Technology), Valentijn Blonk (Romein Beton), Kevin Bloomfield (Univeristy of Kentucky - College of Design), Anne Marie de Boer (architect - AMdB architect), Klaas Paul de Boer (architect -Team 4 Architecten), Anja van den Bogaart (Cement&BetonCentrum), Rob Bollen (architect), Klaus Bollinger (structural engineer, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure), Edou Bonnema (architect), Joost BonnemaRené Boomkens, Clemens Boons (architect - sKin architects), Ine ter Borch (writer), Chris Borg Costanzi (Delft University of Technology), Angel Borrego (architect - Open Source Space), Freek Bos (Eindhoven University of Technology), Jos Bosman (TU Eindhoven), Tom Bosschaert (Except Integrated Sustainability), John Bossong (Delphi Engineering), Eduard Böthlink (architect), Marc Boumeester (cinographer), Philine Bracht (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Richard Bradley (Irish Cement), Sanne Brander (Rijksgebouwendienst), Michael Braungart (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry), Telesilla Bristogianni (Delft University of Technology), Gerard Brood (Hurks Prefabbeton), Jozee Brouwer (graphic designer, Design Academy Eindhoven), Ifke Brunings (designer, engineer - Ateliers), Pit Brunner (architect - Gigon Guyer architects), Frank Bucher (Xiriton), Bart van Bueren (architect - Waterarchitect Van  Bueren), Elise Buiter (engineer), Ruben Bus (desginer - G-Star), Theo Buytels (Hurks prefabbeton), André Burger (Cement&BetonCentrum), Margie Burger (Delft Municipality), Gonçalo Byrne (architect), Bernard Cache (architect), Lenneart van Capelleveen (architect - Ector Hoogstad Architecten), Nadia CasabellaFrancis Catteeuw (architect - Compagnie-O architecten), Joyraj Chakraborty (University of Twente), Guy Châtel (architect), Cheops (student organization TU Eindhoven), Xaveer Claerhout (architect - Architectenbureau Claerhout - Van Biervliet), Martin Clarke (British Precast), Angela Co (Syracuse University), Jeroen Coenders (White Lioness), Wim Comello (Haitsma Beton), Christoph Cornubert (architect), Geert Coumans (Delft University of Technology), Philippe Courcelles (Decomo), Mathijs Cremers (architect - bureau SLA), Lana du Croq (architect - architectenbureau Ellerman Lucas van Vugt), Gert Cuypers (architect - Cuypers & Q architecten), Bas Czerwinski (photographer), Theo Damman (Prefadim Belgium), Karl Daubmann (architect - PLY architecture), Sven De Bock (architect - SEIN architecturr), Niklaas Deboutte (architect - META), Kim Degen (architect), Jan Dekkers (Hurks Prefabbeton), Kurt Demyttenaere (architect - Ramault Demyttenaere architecten), Boudewijn De Nijs (Eurobeton), Jean-Francois DeNoël (FEBELCEM), Eelco Deuling (graphic designer - Manifesta), Stefan Devoldere (architect), Otto Diesfeldt (architect - Dick van Gameren architecten), Jacco van Dijk (Hurks Prefab Beton), Arjan Dingsté (architect, UNStudio), Rob Docter, Eleonora di Domenica (Delft University of Technology), André Dorée (University of Twente), Gerry Dubé (architect - Hooper Architects), Dorothee Dubois (architect - RSDA), Diruji Dugarte (University of Twente), Bruno Dursin (ZinkInfo), Tom van Eck (Bouwend Nederland), Wim Eckert (architect, E2A) Peter Eigenraam (architect, Delft University of Technology), Dave van Eijnsbergen (architecture historian - Asuka), Martijn Eikelenboom (Veluwe Beton), Olafur Eliasson (artist), Öyvind Elseth (BetongForum), Stephan Engelsmann (structural engineer, Werner Sobek Ingenieure), Bram Entrop (University of Twente), Dick Erinkveld (SolidRocks), Mick van Essen (architect - bureau SLA), Sjoerdieke Feenstra (architect), Jörg Fehlhaber (BDZ), Jelle Feringa (architect), Pascal Flammer (architect), Torsten Förster (VDZ), Irene Fortuyn (artist, Design Academy Eindhoven), Jeroen Frénay (ENCI), Eric Frijters (architect - Fabric.),Kyra Galjee (architect), Dick van Gameren (architect - Dick van Gameren Architecten), Jacobo Garcia German (architect), Udo Garritzman (architect), Ingo Gast, Sarah Gaventa (curator), Patrick van Geel (Delft Municipality), Kersten Geers (architect, Office Kersten Geers David van Severen), Steven Gelderman (Formwork Expert, NOE Betonvormgeving), Paul Gerretsen (architect), Leo GielbertAnnette Gigon (architect, Gigon Guyer Architects), Ton Gijsbers (Royal Haskoning), Clairette Gitz (architect - Architectenburo Gitz), John Goodbun (architect), Elke Goossens (architect - sKin architects), Ester Goris (architect - Xaveer de Geyter Architecten), Klaas Goris (architect - Cousse + Goris architecten), Kurt Goris (Verheyen Beton), Pinar Gökbayrak (architect), Marie GoyensArie Graafland (theoretician, Delft University of Technology), Mark Graafland (architect - Bureau Kroner), Manfred Grohmann (structural engineer, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure), Steffen Grünewald (Hurks Prefabbeton), Harry Gugger (architect, Herzog & de Meuron), Tony de Haan (Natuurmonumenten), Michiel Haas (architect, expert sustainable building - Nibe), Arjan Habraken (structural engineer - SID Studio), Maria Haensch (SBRCURnet), Allan Haines (architect / educator - the Concrete Centre), Eric van der Ham (Delft Univeristy of Technology), Hans Hammink (architect - Architekten Cie), Jos & Jeu Harnischmacher (architects - Harnsichmacher Architectuur), Atto Harsta (Aldus Bouwinnovatie), Timo Hartmann (University of Twente), Deborah Hauptmann (architect), Jeanne van Heeswijk (artist), Rogier van der Heide (Arup Lighting), Peter Heideman (Movares), Jochem Heijmans (architect - Bureau Jochem Heijmans), Carola Hein (Delft University of Technology), Florian Heinzelmann (architect - Eindhoven University of Technology), Sarah Heller (architect), Gerardo HerreraJuan Herreros (architect), Frans van Herwijnen (structural engineer, ABT), Patricia Hessing (architect - Ateliers), Heide Hinterthur (architect - Topaz architecten), Akihisa Hirata (architect), Christopher Ho, Frank van der Hoeven (architect, research director Delft University of Technology), Sherry HoffmanRob Hogenboom (structural engineer - Aronsohn), Joren Hoogeboom (architect - UArchitects), Marc Hopperman (architect, UNStudio),  Truus Hordijk (Delft University of Technology), Nadja van Houten (Bureau Bouwtechniek), Gert van den Hoven (architect - Van Aken Architectuur & Stedebouw), Joost Hovenier (architect - Wingender Hovenier architecten), Roger Hubeli (architect, APTUM LLC), Rob Huijben (Hurks Prefabbeton), Bert Huls (landscape architect - ontwerpstudio Bert Huls), Henk ten Hulscher (Cementbouw), Niels van der Hulst (Geelen Beton), Werner Hulstaert (Decomo), Rob Huijben (Delphi Engineering), Harry Hupperts (architect - DP6 Architectuurstudio), Marc Ibelings (architect - Ibelings Van Tilburg), Gerard IJsseldijk (Hurks Prefabbeton), Bjarke Ingels (architect, BIG), Majorie Jans (De Bouwcampus), Anna Karina Janssen (architect), Jo Janssen (architect), Twan Jütte (architect, urban planner), Jeffrey JohnsonRussell Jones (architect), André de Jong (architect - Wisman & De Jong Architecten), Henk JonkersJavid Jooshesh (Delft University of Technology), Kasper Jørgensen (architect, GXN), Kees Kaan (architect - Claus & Kaan), Hans Kaashoek (architect - Architectenburo Bakema Delft), Dré Kampfraath (creative - DKCP), Marije Kampfraath (fashion designer), Niek KapteinHanif Kara (structural engineer - Adams Kara Taylor), Dennis Kaspori (architect - the maze corporation), Mark van Kempen (ConAg), Esmorit Kempkes (architect), Olv Klijn (architect - Fabric.), Marie de Klijn (Eindhoven University of Technology), Ulrich Knaack (professor Design of Constructions, Delft University of Technology), Hans Köhne (marketing strategist - Cement&BetonCentrum), Patrick Koimans (Bouwend Nederland), Thaleia Konstantinou (Delft University of Technology), Peter Koorstra (Delft University of Technology), Dick Koster (NWO), Ad van der Kouwe (graphic designer, Manifesta), Thomas Krijnen (Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology), Rüdiger Krisch (architect - Krisch + Partner), Caroline Kruit (editor, dax), Anouk Kuitenbrouwer (architect - Xaveer de Geyter Architecten), Martin Kuitert (architect - Bureau Ria Smit Architecten), Anupam Kumar (Delft University of Technology), Moritz Küng (curator, deSingel), Adam Kurdahl (architect - Space Group), Henk van Laarhoven (architect - Henket architecten), Anne Laberge (composer), Paul Lagendijk (structural engineer - Aronsohn), Maartje Lammers (architect - 24H architecture), Marc Larmmuseau (architect - Montois Partners architects), Julie Larsen (architect, APTUM LLC), Sang Lee (architect), Norbert de Leeuw (Delft Municipality), Victor de Leeuw (architect - EGM architecten), Mantijn van Leeuwen (CRH), Michael van Leeuwen (Architectenbureau Sluijmer en Van Leeuwen), Beate Lendt (video editor), Tom Leyman (architect - Tom Leyman architect), Peter Lieblang (concrete expert - FH Kassel), Gerald Lindner (cc-studio), Bart van Loenhout (architect - van Schagen Architecten), Piet van Loenhout (Hurks Beton), Roel Loonen (Eindhoven University of Technology), Somayeh Lotfi (Delft University of Technology), Maria Dulce Louçao (ATIC), Matthew Louis Miller, Christian Louter (Delft University of Technology), Sjoerd Louwaars (Leiden University - Centre for Innovation), Johan Lowet (architect), Ove Lucas (director Center for Visual Arts, Rotterdam), Mladena Lukovic (Delft University of Technology), Tjerk van de Lune (architect - StudioSK), Brendan Lynch (Irish Cement), Bart Macken (architect - Macken + Macken), Denis Makarov (University of Twente), Bianca Man (architect - architectenbureau Ellerman Lucas van Vugt), Raoul Maphar (Microbeton), Jesse MeineszJan Melis (industrial designer), Seirgei Miller (University of Twente), Johannes Moehrlein (architect - MAD architecten), Bas Molenaar (architect - EGM architecten), Faas Moonen (Eindhoven University of Technology), Gonçalo Moreira (architect - bureau SLA), Sina Mostafavi (architect - Delft University of Technology), Wineke van Muiswinkel (artist, Design Academy Eindhoven), Koen Mulder (architect - Delft University of Technology), Don Murphy (architect), Noël Naert (FEBELCEM), NAi (Dutch Architectural Institute), Ciro Najle (architect), Rogier van Nalta (strcutural engineer, Pieters Bouwtechniek), Pieter NapJan Nederveen (Delft Municipality), Laurent Ney (architect / engineer - Ney + partners), Frido van Nieuwamerongen (architect), Rob Nijsse (structural engineer - ABT), Maurice Nio (architect, NIO Architects), Bob van der Nol (urbanist, Delft Municipality), Billy Nolan (translator),  Éanna Nolan (Irish Concrete Society), Pirouz Nourian (Delft University of Technology), Faidra Oikonomopoulou (Delft University of Technology), Léon olde Scholtenhuis (University of Twente), Valerio Olgiati (architect), Selahattin Önür (architect), Tim van Oosterbos (architect - Buro Lubbers), Henk Oosterling (philosopher, Erasmus University Rotterdam), Marc Ottelé (Delft University of Technology / CiTG), Rob Otten (architect - VMX architects), Henk Oude KempersHenk Ovink (strategist - director National Spatial Planning ministry VROM), Armand Paardekooper Overman (architect - OIII architecten), Floor Paauw (NWO), Argyrios Papadopoulos (Eindhoven University of Technology), Joop Paul (structural engineer, ARUP), Mark Pedron (Gate Precast Company), Ana Pereira Roders (Eindhoven University of Technology), Ton Pielkenrood (BFBN), Thijs Pingen (Geelen Beton), Wim Pingen (Geelen Beton), Stephan Pinkau (FH Anhalt), Elisabeth PlessenLuc van der Poel (Philips Lighting), Uli Pohl (conductor), Dirk Jan Postel (architect - Kraaijvanger), Simon Postmus (chemist Scholz Benelux), Frens Pries (Betonvereniging), Arno Pronk (architect - Eindhoven University of Technology), Patrycja Pustelnik (Eindhoven University of Technology), Marlies Quack (architect), Dennis Ramondt (Eneco), Joep Rats (Bouwend Nederland), Mark Reijnders (Leiden University), Peter Rem (Delft University of Technology), Nadia Remmerswaal (CAST Formwork System), Victor Retel Helmrich (architect), Rob van Rijn (Ankertec), Gerrit van Rijswijk (architect - VVKH Architecten), Björn van Rheenen (architect - SPONGE architects), Rogier De la Rive Box (designer, De la Rive BoxDesign Management), Romain Ricciotti (structural engineer), Paul Robbrecht (architect), Marco Romano (architect - ONB architecten), Wim Rongen (Geelen Beton), Daniel RoosDaan Roosegaarde (architect / artist), Arno van Roosmalen (Stroom), Marc van Roosmalen (Rijksgebouwendienst), Ronald Root (Eneco), Alexander Rosemann (Eindhoven University of Technology), Paul de Ruiter (architect - Oaul de Ruiter Architects), Paul de Ruiter (Delft University of Technology), Enric Ruiz-Geli (architect, Cloud9), Theo Salet (structural engineer - Eindhoven University of Technology), Wim SambaerValentini Sarakinioti (Delft University of Technology), Amandus Sattler (architect), Jean-Marc Sauer (architect, studioninedots), Mariet Sauerwein (designer), Perica Savanovic (SBRCURnet), Tjitse Schaap (architect - Sturm architecten), Hans Scherpenzeel (architect - Agentschap NL), Jan Schevers (architect), Roel Schipper (Delft University of Technology), Christian Schittich (editor, Detail), Erik Schlangen (Delft University of Technology), Alexander Schmets (physicist, Delft University of Technology), Angela Schoen (architect - Biq architecten), Ruud Schook (architect - JHK architecten), Edo Schrijver (architect - Rudy Uytenhaak architecten), Frans SchuppAllard Schwenke (architect), Jason Scroggin (architect - University of Kentucky, College of Design), Seyed Sedighi (Delft University of Technology), Foteini Setaki (architect - Delft University of Technology), Adiam Sertzu (architect, Adams Kara Taylor), Elizabeth Shotton (architect - UCD), Neslihan Sik (Betonart), Ton Simons (choreographer, director Dance Works Rotterdam), deSingel Antwerpen, Nico Smak (creative), Caspar Smeets (architect - EGM architecten), Coen Smets (Cement&BetonCentrum), Helga Snel (architect - Jeanne Dekkers architectuur), Heidi Sohn (architect), Marnix Soubry (Decomo), Michael Speaks (dean Syracuse University - School of Architecture), André SpeksnijderWim van der Spoel (Landstra bureau voor bouwfysica), Alan Stanton (architect), Eliana Stazi (architect), Natasja Steenbergen (graphic designer, Cement&BetonCentrum), Jolanda Steenhouwer (Booosting), Michaela Stegerwald (architect), Anita Stenler (BetongForum), Martijn Stellingwerff (TU Delft), Holger Strauß (Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG) Anne Struiksma (Delft University of Technology), Stylos (student organisation Delft University of Technology, faculty of architecture), Marty Summers (architect - University of Kentucky), Azhar Swanson (University of Kentucky), Huub Swillens (architect - Van Wylick architecten), Marianthi Tatari (architect, UNStudio), Luc Tearwe, Martin Tenpierik (Delft University of Technology), TENT. Centre Visual Arts Rotterdam, Vincent Termote (Loveld), Jan Terwecoren (architect - Terwecoren-Verdickt architecten), Patrick Teuffel (Eindhoven University of Technology), Bert Thjie (architect - Tekton Architekten), Mirjam Thoman (VDZ), Raf van Tichelen (architect - space2be architectuur), Guus Timmermans, Roger Tomalty (architect), Tugce Tosun (Eindhoven University of Technology), Richard Toussain (Delft Municipality), Baukje Trenning (Studio Baukje Trenning), Aldo Trim (architect), Michela Turrin (architect, Delft University of Technology), Christian Tygoer (structural engineer, Adams Kara Taylor), Derek Tynan (architect), Yushi Uehara (architect), Sophie Valla (architect), Karel Vandenhende (architect), Olga Vazquez-Ruano (architect), Martin Verwoest (urban planner), Diederik Veenendaal (structural engineer - ETH), Carmen de Veer (designer - Carmen de Veer Stoffen - & Dessinontwerpen), Koen van Velzen (architect), Stefan Verbrugh (Philips Lighting), Annekatrien Verdickt (architect - Terwecoren-Verdickt architecten), Anja Verdonk (architect, NIO Architects), Rob Vergoossen (structural engineer, RoyalHaskoning DHV),Teun Verkerk (Science Centre Delft),  Jouke Verlinden (designer), Tirza Verrips (architect - Studio Verrips), Jan Versteegen (structural engineer, Pieters Bouwtechniek), Stephanie Villegas Martinez (Eindhoven University of Technology), Alex Visser (product designer), Klaas Visser (Haitsma Beton), Roel Visser (Delft Univeristy of Technology), Vloer E (student organization TU Eindhoven), Karel Vollers (Delft University of Technology), Dieter de Vos (architect), Françoise Vos,  Harry Vos (Lias), Joke Vos (architect - Joke Vos architecten), Jordy Vos (Eindhoven University of Technology), Bauke de Vries (Eindhoven University of Technology), Paul de Vries (Romein Beton), Marian van der Waals (architect - van der Waals Zeinstra Architecten), Danielle van der Waard (Tussen-ruimte), Sarah Wagner (Univeristy of kentucky - College of Design), Alex Wandl (Delft University of Technology), Henk Wapperom (Betonvereniging), Miriam Wardenaar (Delft Municipality), Kees van Weeren (Delft University of Technology), Ellen Weerman (urban planner - Province of South Holland), Annemarie Weersink (Nieman Consultancy), Gert van der WegenCordula Weisser (architect - WaG Architecture), Hanneke van Wel (architect - EN architecten), Arjan van Well (Nederlands Bureau voor Toerisme & Congressen), Willem Welling (BFBN), Jasper Westebring (architect, Ateliers), Gert Westerink (Betonindustrie de Veluwe), Ann Whiteside Dickson (interim dean, Univeristy of Kentucky - Collge of Design), Jules Wilhelums (DBM), Fredrik Winberg (Cementa), Gert Wingård (architect), Jan-Peter Wingender (architect - Wingender Hovenier architecten), Anneke Witte (De Bouwcampus), Dennis de Witte (architect - Technische Universität Darmstadt), Pieter de Witte (NWO), Alfons van Woensel (Bruil), Meisam Yousefzadeh (University of Twente), Egbert van der Zaag (architect), Alejandro Zaera-Polo (architect), Wim Zandbergen (BMBI / Excluton), Joanna van der Zanden (strategist - KesselsKramer), Els Zijlstra (Materia), Gregor Zimmermann (material engineer - G.tecz), Katerina Zisiadou (artist), René van Zuuk (architect),  Engbert van der Zaag (architect, Delft University of Technology), Aant van der Zee (Eindhoven University of Technology), Sybrand van der Zwaag (Delft University of Technology)


3TU.Bouw - NL
4TU.Bouw - NL
ABFAB - Woerden NL
Academy of Architecture Amsterdam - NL
Academy of Architecture Maastricht - NL
Academy of Architecture Rotterdam - NL
ArtEZ - NL
Art Center College of Design - Los Angeles USA
Atelier Zuidvleugel - Den Haag NL
ATIC - Lissabon PT
BDZ - Berlin DE
Berlage Institute - Rotterdam NL
BetongForum - Stockholm SE
Betonindustrie de Veluwe - Staphorst NL
Betonvereniging - Gouda NL
BFBN - Woerden NL
De Bouwcampus - Delft NL
Bouwend Nederland - Zoetermeer NL
Bruil - Ede NL
Cembureau - Brussels BE
Cementa - Stockholm SE
Cement&BetonCentrum - ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL
The Concrete Centre - London UK
Cooper Union - New York USA
Decomo - BE
Delft University of Technology - NL
Design Academy Eindhoven - NL
ENCI BV - ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL
Eindhoven University of Technology - NL
Eurobeton - Zandhoven BE
FEBELCEM - Brussles BE
Geelen Beton - Wanssum NL
G.tecz - Kassel DE
The Hague University of Applied Sciences - NL
Haitsma Beton - Kootstertille - NL
housefabrik - Kassel DE
Hurks Beton - Veldhoven NL
Hurks Oosthoek-Kemper - Tilburg NL
IECA – Madrid ES, Insomnio - Utrecht NL
Irish Cement - Dublin IE
Irish Concrete Society - Dublin IE
University of Kentucky College of Design - Lexington USA
Leiden University - NL
Loveld - Aalter BE
Mackintosh School of Architecture - Glasgow UK
microbeton - Bergen op Zoom NL
Municipality of Delft - NL
MVO Nederland - Utrecht NL
Norcem - Oslo NO
NWO - Den Haag NL
Oficemen - Madrid ES
Polytechnical School of Architecture Rotterdam - NL
Prefadim - Deerlijk BE
Provincie Zuid-Holland - NL
RobotLab - Rotterdam NL
Royal College of Art London - UK
Royal Haskoning - Rotterdam NL
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - BE
SBRCURnet - Delft NL
SCI-Arc - Los Angeles USA
SMO - The Hague NL
Stroom - Den Haag NL
Studioninedots - Amsterdam NL
Syracuse University School of Architecture - USA
TCMA - Ankara TR
Technical University Darmstadt - DE
University of Twente - Enschede NL
U-BASE - Delft NL
Verheijen Beton - Arendonk BE
Wageningen University & Reserach - NL
Westo Prefab Beton Systemen - Coevorden NL
Zinkinfo Benelux - Breda NL


Siebe Bakker
Elise Buiter
: engineer - 4TU.Bouw, CDC8 Tactility, City of Things, Experimenteel Beton 2016, METAMORPHOSIS, RAM2016, Research to Reality, Smart liveable cities; office 2016/2017
Kim Degen: architect - 4TU.Bouw, CDC8 Tactility, City of Things, Experimenteel Beton 2016, METAMORPHOSIS; office 2017


Kyra Galjee: architect - 4TU.Bouw, Research to Reality; office 2016
Marije Kampfraath: fashion designer - METAMORPHOSIS, TEKTONIEK workshops 
Mariet Sauerwein: designer - METAMORPHOSIS, 3TU.Bouw, Built Society Smart Reality; office 2015/2016; photography - Extreme Concrete 
Anna Karina Janssen: architect - 3TU.Bouw, Casestudies 9X, METAMORPHOSIS, EUniverCities, Tektoniek Spring 2015, Warmbeton, housefabrik; office 2015
Jesse Meinesz: photography - Elegance
Bram Rutten: photography - Energy
Irem Çiçek: photography - MONOLITHIC
Yelta Köm: photography - MONOLITHIC
Brigitte Albers: photography - Implicit Performance
Charlotte Albers: photography - Implicit Performance
Aaron Hauptmann: video (editing) - Implicit Performance; office 2007
Wies van Saus: video - Implicit Performance
Miriam Ram: teaching assistant - Rotterdam Airport Scenarios; office 2006
Laszlo Csutoras: photography / video - plastic-OPACITY
Melissa Liando: photography - plastic-OPACITY
Nicole van der Velden: video - plastic-OPACITY; office 2006
Okke van den Broek: video - ROBUSTNESS
Maarten Veerman: photography - ROBUSTNESS